Children around the world are forced to work in life-threatening conditions.

The link between children’s rights and other social issues are diverse and the ILO estimates that 11 percent of children are working, with almost half of them being between 5 and 11 years of age. In our work as a Think Tank, we carried out various studies in the field of Children’s Rights and Business in 2018 and we could easily see that children’s rights are indeed affected.

In many parts of the value chain, corporate action can directly or indirectly affect the situation of children and we advise companies on how they can strategically manage the risk of infringing children’s rights along their value chain. By doing so, companies contribute to reaching SDG 4, 5 & 10.

  • SDG4: Quality Education

  • SDG5: Gender Equality

  • SDG10: Reduced Inequalities