Poor working conditions and forced labour almost always involved in cheap production

The term slavery might seem outdated, but there are still millions of people living under slave-like conditions. Currently, there are 40.3 million people in 167 countries affected, of which 25 million live in forced labour generating $150 billion in profits for other parties.  (Source: Modern Slavery Knowledge Paper).

One of the biggest problems for companies in identifying exploitation and modern slavery along their supply chain is the lack of transparency and traceability of products & services. So we help businesses to tackle these challenges and manage the risks and complexities related to modern slavery. For more information please check out our paper on modern slavery (Link to paper on Modern Slavery).

By introducing sustainable production patterns and implementing a human rights due diligence process aligned with the UNGPs, transparency can be created and the risks of modern slavery can be managed.

These are processes that will also contribute to SDGs 8, 9, 12.

  • SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • SDG9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  • SDG12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns