Theresa Quiachon

Consultant and Research & Solution Expert


Theresa Quiachon is our lead research & solution expert, specialised in qualitative research methods

As a social and cultural anthropologist, Theresa has expertise in assessing large amounts of data in nonnumerical forms, to gain a holistic understanding of a phenomenon or situation. She is specialized in the consideration of different aspects of societies and cultures while assessing risks in value chains and in stakeholder dialogues. She has worked on the assessment of human rights due diligence processes for NGOs and businesses from various sectors. In addition, she is involved in the creation of most of our think-tank related work. She worked on a project with an international NGO on developing a strategy to better foster its engagement with businesses on children rights, including the fight against child labour.  She was also involved in the development of a country-specific human rights risks register for the tourism industry.

Theresa holds an M.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Freie Universität Berlin. Her academic research background includes country-specific approaches, especially in the South Asian region. Her thesis focused on developments in the business sector regarding monitoring and measurement processes of human rights. She has long-standing practical experience in the field of organisational structures and processes of businesses thanks to her former work in the textile sector where she qualified as Bachelor Professional (CCI) of Trade and Commerce in retail.