Our goal is to raise awareness and foster the debate on human rights challenges across various sectors. Our Think Tank enables us to extend our network and increase our outreach. As a result, we help you develop innovative approaches to a number of human rights issues using the following channels

Studies & Knowledge Papers

We produce a number of studies that are either developed in-house or commissioned. Additionally, we produce background papers for our customers.


To transfer the knowledge and experience from our consulting to clients, we regularly conduct webinars as well as other training modules on various topics.

Events & Lectures

In order to put the public spotlight on business and human rights, we participate in public debates, publish opinion-based articles and regularly organise events such as Forum Wirtschaft und Menschenrechte.

Innovation Workshops & Training (Design-Thinking Workshops)

Innovation is crucial in the realm of business and human rights. And to spark that innovation within your organisation, we provide safe spaces for your organisation to experiment with creative methods in collaboration with key outside stakeholders.

Stakeholder Dialogues

We organise communication exchanges between your organisation and various outside stakeholders in a number of formats. This approach helps stimulate holistic solutions given the various perspectives.

Global Partnerships & Initiatives

Being that we have an interdisciplinary and global network of partners, we use those connections to add more value to appropriate initiatives and customer projects.